Version 8.2.1: Relative image paths and better listing of images

Grid layout for multiple images in Presets

Version 8.2.1 of “Quick Featured Images Pro” (QFIP) improves the listing of images in the section “Presets”.

The former vertical image list needed much space if more than 8 images were displayed as shown in this screenshot:

Screenshot of the old layout

The layout in versions before 8.2.1 needed much space for images.

The new version shows the images in a grid layout. It needs less space and gives you a better view over the images per rule as shown in this screenshot:

Screenshot of the new layout

The layout since version 8.2.1 needs less space for images.

Considering image paths starting with ‘/’

A group of so-called “relative paths” are paths to objects starting with a slash. In the rare case of referencing to images with relative paths QFIP did not recognize them and skipped them. That was the case in particular if you migrated an old site or changed the theme and needed to set the featured images in bulk.

The new version considers relative image paths as internal paths. Both bulk editing and presets use the new recognition pattern to pick up those images as featured images automatically.

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Simon Bennett April 10, 2015 United Kingdom

I tried various other plugins and also custom scripts for my functions.php. The cost of Quick Featured Images Pro was about a tenth of the cost in wasted time trying to find an alternative. There is no alternative. Buy this plugin and save time and money. It works like a charm.

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