Version 8.3.1: Fetching featured images from content embedded with “embed” shortcodes

Supporting the “embed” shortcode

Since the new versionĀ 8.3.1 the plugin “Quick Featured Images Pro” (QFIP) considers external contents embedded with the “embed” shortcode. If the external content is received QFIP tries to find out the image to set it as featured image of the corresponding post.

QFIP supports URLs to all sites listed in the internal whitelist of WordPress. Read from which sites you can embed contents (at

Renamed menu item labels

Texts in the WordPress core installation are translated in many languages. Why not to use some of these texts to make using the plugin easy for as many users as possible?

So two texts in the WordPress core installation are in use now in QFIP since this version 8.3.1. The menu item “Set, replace, remove” was renamed to “Bulk Edit”. And the menu item “Preset Default Images” was renamed to “Default Images”. And many more users can now understand these labels in their language.

QFIP was tested successfully with the latest WordPress version 4.8.3.

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Stefano April 25, 2016 California

This does EXACTLY what I needed - got a wordpress site that has a whole archive of articles with no featured image set. The Pro version allowed me to bulk set the first image of the article to the featured image. Saved a load of time, well done!

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