Version 8.3.2: IFRAME support and greek translation

Supporting embedded content via IFRAME

While “Quick Featured Images Pro” (QFIP) already grabs the thumbnails of videos which are embedded by simple URLs the new version of QFIP can find the thumbnails of YouTube videos which are embedded by the IFRAME element.

Videos, slideshows and images can be embedded via the IFRAME tag. QFIP introduces the recognition of the thumbnails of those elements and set them as featured images. IFRAMES linked to YouTube, Vimeo and Instagram are supported.

“Quick Featured Images Pro” in greek

User Kostas Arvanitidis provided a fantastic greek translation of QFIP. His translation is integratet. QFIP is now available in greek. Thank you, Kostas!

WordPress 4.9 and a fix

In the former versions of QFIP it could happen that the embedded YouTube video yielded a boring placeholder image as featured image despite of an available interesting video thumbnail. That bug is fixed with this QFIP version.

WordPress 4.9 changed some translations in the core. QFIP 8.3.2 is adapted to the latest changes.

At last QFIP runs successfully with the current WordPress version 4.9.1.

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