Licence: What is the deal?

If you purchase an item of Quick Featured Images Pro you are allowed

  1. to install it on a WordPress site and use it as long as you want,
  2. get upgrades of the plugin for 365 days since the date of the purchase,
  3. get upgrade for the number of sites you selected at purchase:
    1. Single license: for one WordPress site only, without other subsites in a multisite installation,
    2. Developer license: for an unlimited number of WordPress sites including subsites in a multisite installation,
  4. to modify it to your needs.

In return

  1. I can, but do not need to give you support (but mostly I do).

Ok now? For all other details read the Terms, Licence & Withdrawal page.

Does the plugin process x thousands posts in one go without raising some memory error?

Bad news: Thousands of posts is a really huge number. I would assume that the plugin will run into a memory error, appearing as a white blank page.

Good news: You can circumvent the error by using the Time Filter and run the process several times period by period. For example for posts from June 2014 to August 2014, then September 2014 to October 2014 etc.

Maybe that is not as comfortable as one single run. But it is way faster than manual changes. That way less posts have to be processed per run and a memory error is avoided.

How can I set a default featured image for existing posts?

For that use the plugin twice:

  1. Under ‘Bulk Edit’ remove all undesired featured images if there are some. If desired remove the images using the option ‘Overwrite existing featured images’.
  2. Then choose the desired image and set it to the posts without the option ‘Overwrite existing featured images’. This will set the image to all posts without a featured image.

How can I set a default featured image for future posts?

Or: I want image X as default featured image if the post has category Y. How to set this?

Look at some examples:

  1. To set a default featured image for every new post of the category ‘Lorem ipsum’:
    1. choose the image,
    2. choose the taxonomy ‘Category’ and
    3. choose the value ‘Lorem ipsum’.
    4. Save the settings.
  2. To set a default featured image for every new post:
    1. choose the image,
    2. choose the taxonomy ‘Post Type’ and
    3. choose the value ‘Post’.
    4. Save the settings.
  3. To set a default featured image for every new custom taxonomy of a theme or a plugin, e.g. events of the category ‘Concert’:
    1. choose the image,
    2. choose the taxonomy ‘Event Category’ and
    3. choose the value ‘Concert’.
    4. Save the settings.

Who can see Quick Featured Images in the WordPress backend?

All users who have the right to edit others posts have the access to Quick Featured Images Pro. As long as the user roles are untouched after a fresh standard WordPress installation both Administrators and Editors can use this plugin.

For these users the menu item ‘Featured Images’ with its sub pages appears in the WordPress backend. All other users will not see this menu item or will get an error message if they would request a Quick Featured Images Pro page via a direct link.

Does the plugin work in a WordPress Multisite installation?

Yes. It works either activated for all sites (network wide) or activated in each single site. It changes only the posts of the site where you use it.

Why does the plugin say “No matches found” after confirmation?

This could be the case if the images were not uploaded via WordPress’ own media uploader. If you have uploaded images via FTP or other ways the plugin can not find them.

It does not matter where the images are stored on your server. They can be in any folder. But they have to be uploaded via WordPress’ own media uploader to be found by this plugin. If this is the case the plugin will work fine.

Why are there sometimes strange search results with custom taxonomies?

The search for custom taxonomy terms could lead to surprising results. The reason is custom taxonomies can be used in many different ways. It is not possible to catch them all in one single code expression. If you should be unsatisfied with the result try other filters to get the result you want.

Which languages does the plugin support?

Actually these languages are supported:

  • English
  • German

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Mj Wilson February 25, 2018 Tampa, FL

I was transferring over my blog, to a new website, and had over 9 years of posts that needed to be moved.

What looked like an insurmountable task (easier to delete it), or a task too expensive to pay someone to do, turned out to be easier than some of the simplest plugins I have used in the past.

With the Pro Version of this plug in, I took my time, and brought the posts over, month by month, and then year by year, and it all worked smoothly with absolutely NO errors!

This plug in Author deserves a prize!

Thanks so much for creating a plug in that is worth 10 times what it actually costs.

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