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    I’ve just used the set featured image function for posts by year (5 years) and it seemed to do this successfully. I used a query on the DB to check if these no longer have a “null” value set against my posts and there were just a couple posts that weren’t set yet.

    So, I’ve tried to set a featured image on the remaining posts but when I don’t use a date filter it selects a huge quantity of articles all showing “no featured image set”. When I then inspect the post, I can see the featured images are set in the editor as I expect.

    This seems like a bug or the featured images haven’t actually been set properly?

    Martin Stehle

    The plugin uses the WordPress core function get_post_thumbnail_id() to check the existence of the post’s featured image. That function checks for an entry in the table wp_postmeta with the meta key called _thumbnail_id. If there is no such entry for the post or the value could not be converted into an integer the plugin shows “No featured image set”.

    Are there such entries for the respective posts?


    Hi Martin,

    Thanks for your quick reply.I assume though, having already used the plugin to set the featured image, these should then be excluded from the search when you select the option;

    “Consider only posts without any featured image: Posts with featured images will be ignored, even if the Overwrite option is checked”

    I have selected this to show ALL articles regardless of date (having done this first by date) to double check any outwith preset dates and return any remaining articles with no featured image.

    When I go back and run a search using the date preset – the same articles are NOT matched. I suddenly get over 6000 articles that are “matched” with no featured image.

    Also, searching the DB for a null entry under “_thumbnail_id” no longer shows the articles, where previously I had a huge list with a “null” value.

    So, I’m not sure if this is resolve or not..

    Worth noting within the media library the images are not “attached” but are featured (I’m not sure if this is important).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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